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Our reinforcing steel and reinforcing mesh act as the bones of concrete foundations and structures. We offer fabrication services from our nationwide branch network for constructions sites, precasters, contractors, and builders throughout New Zealand. Fletcher Reinforcing goes beyond simply fabricating and supplying stock — we also cut and bend reinforcing bar, produce cutting and bending schedules from construction drawings, and perform on-site placement.

We recognise the value of reinforcing steel in a wide variety of projects, and we work with a wide customer base.

Our clients are mostly large construction and infrastructure contractors, but we also extend our services to anyone else who might be interested. Contact us today for more information.

These include galvanised Reidbar , support chairs, and building film. We are also proud to supply Max Frank Pecafil Stay-In-Place Formwork — ideal for strip foundations, ground beams, circular or complicated formwork, and pile caps. The Max Frank Formwork range speeds up construction, improves your build quality, and saves you money. Steel Reinforcing bar or Rebar is the core of our business. We offer a complete range of both grade E and E plain, deformed and threaded reinforcing steel.

Each grade has a variety of diameters available.

Reinforcement and Punishment

All the smaller sizes are available ex stock. Some of the larger rebar sizes are available by large order only. The larger diameter bars are stocked in lengths up to 18m. Bars up to 20m long can be ordered. Manufactured in facilities around the country, then distributed through leading building material suppliers or directly through our national branch network.

Reinforcement Learning – a Moonshot or Today’s Most Underhyped Technology?

Our ductile reinforcing mesh is now certified to NZS by BSi click here to view certification. Seismic E grade of reinforcing mesh designed to withstand the forces of seismic activity provides stronger reinforcement to concrete foundations.

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Negative reinforcement. Many people hear the phrase and picture scenes of scolding and beratement. They believe that since positive reinforcement means rewarding someone then negative reinforcement must mean punishing someone.

What Is Operant Conditioning and How Does It Work?

The concepts of negative and positive reinforcement and negative and positive punishment, which we will get to in a second came from B. Skinner, a behavioral scientist in the 20 th century. He suggested that actions were not as freely chosen as we may think, but instead they are a product of our perception of the results of said actions. To put it another way, we are more likely to repeat actions if we think something good will happen as a result.

He called this, reinforcement.

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By the same token, we are less likely to repeat an action if we think something bad will happen. He called this, punishment. Please note, this is an extremely over-simplified version of Mr.

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So, if reinforcement is what you do when you want a behavior to increase and punishment is what you do when you want a behavior to decrease, where do the positive and negative parts fit in? Positive and negative refer to either the addition or subtraction of stimuli.