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What is a Continent?

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Azm Fazlul has read. Add a reference: Book Author. Nor does anyone from the Republica de Colombia refer to themselves as Republicanos. But nobody gets mad that Colombians call themselves Colombians, but some people do get mad when Americans call themselves Americans.

My Life Through Six Continents

It also makes sense then when you consider that in the United States and other parts of the world that we CAN call ourselves Americans without confusion because there are TWO separate continents called North America and South America, not one single continent called America which it could be confused with. And yes, some people talk about North Americans in general, and yes, that should refer to everyone from Panama north, just like South Americans is a blanket term for everyone in Colombia and south. But this mix up about Americans leads some Spanish speakers to call those from the USA as estadounidenses , americanos , and norteamericanos.

It almost defies common sense to think that America is one continent based on that whole modern definition of a continent as a large continuous landmass. I mean, just look at a map of the globe and you can see two giant, but mostly separate landmasses aka continents in the Americas. You can even forget about models based on the continental crust or a continental shelf, which also support the above number of continents, and just look at things at face value.

Whereas, Europe, Africa, and Asia are connected as well, but by much broader swaths of land. Instead, we have to come up with convoluted reasons why North and South America are one, but Europe and Asia should be considered two… Huh?

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The reason why I believe that Europe and Asia should be considered one because there is NO distinguishable boundary between them. It changed whenever they could think of a better excuse. The highest peak in the Urals is just 1, m 6, ft … Compare that to the Appalachians in the eastern United States which have at least TEN peaks that are higher than the Urals… So is the east coast of the United States its own separate continent?

Of course not, that makes NO logical sense. Today, Europe and Asia are connected by countless roads, trains, and no one could actually tell you where one starts and the other begins.

My Life’s a Travel Movie – 3 Continents in 3 Weeks

Not only that, though, we would also have to consider Africa as part of the same continent, because the physical connection between Africa and Asia is MUCH larger than the physical link between North America and South America — nearly twice as large the narrowest point in Panama is like 60 miles across compared to miles in Egypt. They would be better thought of as very large regions, something like Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, etc. There is land under that snow and ice.

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  • And they fall victim to the same logical fallacies in the six continent system. America, EurAfricAsia, and Oceania. No, in terms of the modern definition of continents as large continuous landmasses, I would say that there are indeed six continents, but those six continents would be North America, South America, Eurasia, Africa, Oceania, and Antarctica. It was while watching the sprinters at the Olympics, and coveting their beautiful bodies that I decided to start seriously running.

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    Photo courtesy of Monique White via Ebony Siovhan. How often do they travel with you? Granted, it was to the US to visit grandparents and extended family, but it was a start. I started with international road trips very early, as well, taking full advantage of other countries being as close as a 2-hour drive away. They travel with me 3—4 times a year.

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    All that to say that it is very important that my daughters are exposed to other cultures. We talked with her about life abroad and her passion for running.