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This plan worked until a Dark Mistress named Zarra craved the same desires as Darklin and wanted to bring him back.

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Zarra tracked down the Wizard's hidden village and took great pleasure slaughtering every remaining Wizard except for two. Before the village was reduced to ashes, the father hid away his child and told him about the coming of Darklin. This last hope The young child met the Sage of Light known as Lightin.

This old sage would guide him to become a true Blue Wizard. He traveled to the glittering shores of the Vale Islands and embarked on a quest to discover the four elemental crystals. The last remaining Blue Wizard traveled to the dark island of Dark Mistress Zarra and confronted her! The battle is long and hard but our hero defeated her in combat! She uses a ritual not-so-named to bring him back and the final battle between Darklin and our hero commenced! Let the world know that the Blue Wizards live again!

Since the defeat of Darklin, our hero has embarked on a new journey beyond the Vale Islands. But, you now have it in your hands, so learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and karma, and your Blueprint Destiny. You owe it to yourself, so stop blaming everybody else and take responsibility.

It's all in your name and your birthday.

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Day 2 You will discover how to better understand yourself and your destiny. Day 3 We focus on the metaphysical understanding and interpretation of your chart. And much more! There will be a few special meditations during the event. A Few Words from Joseph Ghaul reemerges as a massive ethereal figure who then speaks to the Traveler directly. In doing so, the Traveler wakes from its long sleep, destroying the device that was harvesting its power and killing Ghaul. It sends a massive shockwave, restoring the Light and decimating the Red Legion's forces.

The game ends with a posthumous voiceover from the Speaker, reminding all that the Light can never be stopped. The Guardian and Ghost convene with Zavala, Ikora, Cayde, and Hawthorne at an undamaged portion of the Tower, with the Vanguard returning to their old duties and Hawthorne assuming a new post there. In a post-credits scene, the shockwave sent by the Traveler is shown reaching the entire system. The wave of Light extends beyond the Solar System and spreads beyond the Milky Way, before panning across a fleet of dark, unknown ships sitting some distance away in extragalactic space.

Following Ghaul's defeat, a massive Cabal ship called the Leviathan appears in orbit of Nessus, under the control of the exiled Emperor Calus. Calus invites Guardians to complete a series of challenges before reaching his throne.

Date With Destiny

A fireteam of Guardians complete his challenges before facing Calus himself; however, after overcoming his strange powers and defeating him, they discover that they were fighting a mechanical doppelganger. The real Calus speaks through the machine, claiming that what they know is a lie and that there is a truth beyond what the Speaker had told them.

A sequel to Destiny was first mentioned in November , two months after the original released, by Activision chief executive officer Eric Hirshberg, where he said "Work has also begun on future expansion packs as well as on our next full game release". In Activision's earnings report for , Hirshberg said that Destiny ' s sequel was still "on track for release this fall []. The cornerstone of that is a great cinematic story that's been a real focus with a great cast of memorable, relatable characters, coupled with some very nice ways to make the game more accessible to a casual player.

Without losing anything that our core players love, we've made it more accessible to someone who just wants to have a great, more casual first-person action experience.

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Bungie had said that players' characters and progression would carry over into future releases. Characters and progression did carry over into Destiny ' s expansions, but for the sequel, only players' characters' physical appearance carried over if they had reached level 20 and completed the Black Garden quest in the original.

In regards to why progression and items did not carry over, Bungie said "We believe this is the best path forward. It allows us to introduce the major advancements and improvements that all of us expect from a sequel, ensuring it will be the best game we can create, unencumbered by the past. Players' characters, progression, and items are still accessible in the original Destiny , which will continue to remain online. On March 23, , a promotional poster for the sequel was leaked by Lega Network, revealing the game's name as Destiny 2 and a release date of September 8, , with the mention of a public beta for the game.

The poster showed that just like the original, Destiny 2 would have PlayStation exclusive content. The teaser showed the Tower under attack by the Cabal, one of the enemy races from the original game. PlayStation 's YouTube channel showed a slightly extended teaser, officially confirming that there would be timed exclusive content for PlayStation 4, and it would last until at least fall The Cabal are being led by Ghaul, the commander of the Red Legion.

The trailers confirmed that Lance Reddick , Nathan Fillion , and Gina Torres would be reprising their roles as the class Vanguards, respectively. Noseworthy went on to say, "I think it's pretty unrealistic given we're an online-only game, right? It's incredible, I love the console, but in terms of where it's at, I don't want to leave anyone with the possibility of like, 'it's a thing we'll consider, maybe next year.

The Microsoft Windows version of Destiny 2 supports native 4K resolution and uncapped frame rate fps , full mouse and keyboard support, text chat, adjustable field of view, and monitor support, as well as being exclusive to Blizzard Entertainment 's Battle. Lead engineer Matt Segur explained, "Every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers. That means [players] will never again suffer a host migration during [a] Raid attempt or Trials match.

This differs from Destiny 1 , where these hosting duties were performed by player consoles and only script and mission logic ran in the data center.

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Grimoire cards that were found in the original game, which detailed the lore of the Destiny universe and could only be accessed from Bungie's website and the Destiny app, did not return for the sequel. For Destiny 2 , Bungie shifted their focus to in-game storytelling, which was something the original was criticized for lacking. To detail the lore of the universe in Destiny 2 , there are many artifacts around the maps that can be scanned by Ghost, who will give details and backstory.

Exotic gear and some legendary gear also have a lore tab. It showed that Bungie did focus more on the story for the sequel than the original, as Bungie was "attempting to go in-depth into the universe and the motivations of the characters. Early access for pre-order customers began on PS4 on July 18 followed by Xbox One on July 19; non-pre-order customers received access beginning July The console beta concluded on July 25, after a 2-day extension. The beta for the PC began on August 29 and concluded on August Destiny 2 was released worldwide for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on September 6, , and the Microsoft Windows version released worldwide on October Like the original, there is an Expansion Pass , which grants access to the first two expansions of Destiny 2.

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes all of the premium digital content. The Windows version was initially distributed exclusively through the Blizzard Battle. The Windows version of Destiny 2 remained on the Battle.

My Journey Beyond Beyond

With the release of the Shadowkeep expansion in October , Bungie will make several changes to the monetization model of Destiny 2. Bungie aims to have the game able to be played by anyone with their friends, regardless of platform, so will implement cross-saving, allowing players to transfer their characters from one platform to another.

Alongside this, they have partnered with Google to offer Destiny 2 on Google Stadia , a game streaming service. Shadowkeep and future expansions will be considered standalone experiences, not requiring the player to have bought the other additional content. Prior to the console release, Bungie said that they had already began working on post-release content. Bungie plans on providing post-release content at a quicker rate than that of the original Destiny , which was criticized for not having enough content post-launch and between each of its expansions releases.

One of the team's remedies for this are the Adventures and Lost Sectors activities that were added to the free roam Patrol mode. The game's first expansion released on December 5, Named Curse of Osiris , it focuses on the character Osiris from the lore of the original Destiny. The expansion takes players to the planet Mercury with its own patrol mode. Additionally, the EXP level cap was raised to 25 and the Power level cap was raised to There is also a timed-exclusive Crucible map for PS4 players called Wormhaven. Instead of an entirely new raid, a feature called raid lair was added, featuring new areas to the existing Leviathan raid and a different final boss.