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You are all eternal servants of Krishna. The love of God which is the only true happiness of the soul is dormant within your heart but you are sleeping, you are sleeping in a vast dream on the lap of maya. Wake up! What is supreme benediction? Krishna warns us that this divine energy of Mine consisting of the three modes of material nature is very difficult to overcome. It is all-powerful.

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The tatastha sakti , jivatma , our only free will is either to be utterly controlled and subjugated by maya and tossed around in these waves of the material ocean or to be completely subordinate and dependant on the gracious, all-attractive love of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is our choice. Prabhupada uses example of how the cat holds the rat in its mouth and her beloved kitten in its mouth.

So same cat, the same mouse, but there is a difference. For the rat, the cat is death personified. For the kitten, the cat is the most loving affectionate mother. The rat is always trying to figure out every type of way to escape from the cat but the kitten is always seeking shelter of the cat.

Where humility and love is shown

So the conditioned souls are like the rat. There is nothing so precious because nothing else can give us the benediction of eternal life and eternal love. And it is for this reason His Holiness Niranjan Swami Maharaj has come to this extraordinary city of Bombay to enlighten us in the supreme value of the holy name. And this is how maya through our mind is stealing away our life moment by moment. Two things are very important—a very mature and honest understanding of the dangers and sufferings of material existence and faith that the holy name of God has descended to give us supreme shelter.

What is the power of material existence? What arrangement can we make to come out of its miseries? Everything in this material world is temporary therefore, it is a miserable place. By putting us in the illusion that we can find happiness. Study the power of material existence.

There are eight material elements. Any one of these elements can cause mass destruction at any moment. If we believed it, we would surrender to Krishna today.

Prabhupada chanting Hare Krsna

But it is a fact, it is all around us—air. Now let us take ether. Ether is just the atmosphere or air, such a subtle element. Yes, people die of suffocation. And what happens if there is too much air? Cyclones, hurricanes, tornados. The most powerful material country in the world, America, just earlier this year was rampaged by hurricanes one after another after another. Hurricanes are cyclones. One hurricane—billions of dollars of damage, sometimes hundreds and thousands of people dead. One of the most expensive, scientific, technological enterprises in all America, this is the place where they invent and put rocket ships into space and all kinds of experimentation was other types of very high technology of weapons and so forth.

And when this hurricane was heading toward it, what did they do? Did they shoot the rockets at the hurricane? No, they all ran away. They evacuated to a safe place. That is the power of just one little swirling piece of wind. And fire. Last century, there was an old lady named Mrs.

But she left her lantern and the cow kicked over the lantern. The cow must have been Krishna. Through the cow, because Chicago would be later on the largest place in the world for slaughtering cows—the stockyards. Union stockyards. Millions of cows, so sweet revenge, that cow just kicked the lantern, set fire to the hay, the entire city of Chicago burned to the ground.

Sri Krishna Bhagavan ki jai! A flame, this big. But one little flame like that became such a fire that all the fire departments and everybody, they were fighting. All they could do is run away or die. And whether you are multimillionaire in a big beautiful mansion on Michigan Avenue or whether you are just living in some ghetto, everything burned to ashes. The power of fire. Hare Krishna! The earth just moves. Truly a simple thing. Just one little part of the earth, may be a few miles long just goes like this [graphic sound] and buildings are falling and bridges are breaking, and people are dying and being crushed, sometimes by the thousands and thousands.

There was an earthquake in Mexico City, thousands and thousands of people died within seconds. Latur, Gujarat, what is it? The power of earth—just one little movement. It just moves a little—mass destruction.

And what if it moved a lot? There would be no life left to talk about it. And water. If there is not enough water, there is drought; there is no possibility of survival. If there is too much of water—flood, devastation.

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The crops are destroyed, cities are just… I have seen in Bombay, the most economically powerful city in all of India and becoming a giant in the world. But one cloud just pours down water and the city is paralyzed. You have seen? The trains stop, the airport stops, the traffic stops except Srinathji has a submarine car that could take you through that rain.

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He is very expert. I was once, I had to go to airport. There was huge monsoon storm, massive monsoon storm and even the water was so deep that people even in their big beautiful cars, they just left it and were just walking barefoot. There was no taxis there was no anything, they had to walk miles and miles and miles and Srinathji was driving through it all.

Hare Krishna (mantra)

We are the only vehicle that worked. Some mystic power. But it was our pleasure to be going but everybody else because as were going, wherever it went, it was creating you know when the car moves through the water just.. So water. And we have just seen what a little combination between earth and water can do to the world. There is danger at every step in this world. When water goes a little bit out of control—utter devastation—tidal wave. Hundreds and thousands are dead, billions of dollars of property destroyed, so much suffering. And this is the elements that God has given to actually sustain the planet.

But when there is massive sinful activities, the very gifts of God that sustain our lives react in a massive way to create destruction.

Glories of Chanting Hare Krishna | Radhanath Swami Lecture Transcripts

And the bombs that people are building, what is it? Man is just trying to manipulate the powers of nature and what does he manipulate with it? The mind, which is another element of nature. When the mind is controlled, Krishna says, it is the best friend. But what is the mind when it is not controlled?

Does anyone know? Your best friend? The only enemy, the worst and only enemy is our own mind.